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Misal Romano, Tercera Edicion (Spanish Missal approved for use in the United States)

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Holy Days of Obligation, 2019 (uploaded November 15, 2018)

“Gluten-free” Hosts: Distributor Information  
Parishes have contacted the Office of Worship inquiring about “gluten-free” hosts. While one could purchase “gluten-free” hosts, hosts which have no gluten are considered invalid matter for Mass. In fact, hosts marketed as “gluten-free” that are permissible for use at Mass actually would/will have a trace of gluten. For example, while one distributor names their hosts “gluten free,” there is a trace of gluten, “below 20 parts per million” (
The USCCB has a website dedicated to low-gluten hosts, as well as the information of the four approved distributors of low-gluten hosts. Parishes using “gluten-free” hosts are encouraged to visit the USCCB website, and too, the websites of the four distributors.
If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to contact the Office of Worship.
Click here to access the Low-Gluten Hosts USCCB website.