For liturgies at which the Bishop is scheduled to preside, please click the button below and complete the liturgy planning form. This form should be completed and returned to the Office of Worship three (3) weeks prior to the liturgy. 

The Office of Worship prepares a liturgy binder for the liturgical celebration, which the Bishop and his Priest Secretary bring with them for the liturgy. A copy of the liturgy binder is also emailed to the parish prior to the liturgical celebration.

At any time during the planning process, if a parish should have any questions pertaining to the liturgical celebration, they are invited to contact us in the Office of Worship; we are happy to assist!

Confirmation Liturgies: Please click the button below to visit the Office of Worship Confirmation website.

If you have any questions, again, please feel free to contact us in the Office of Worship.

Thank you for visiting the Office of Worship's website. If your question(s) were not answered or addressed after searching our site, please contact us in the Office of Worship.

Fr. Sean Prince
Director, Office of Worship

+1 (804) 622-5235

Vy Barto
Administrative Assistant

+1 (804) 622-5235